Despite an array of indisputable facts that confirm the benefits of investing in Dubai real estate, some may remain weary and fall into the property “Supply and Demand” phobia, which forms a question mark and an open debate.

Whilst I do agree that some products and segments of the real estate market in Dubai are currently exhausted, or could be labelled as over supplied, in my experience, it is a baseless statement to generalise the term "Over Supply vs Less Demand".
Within almost every single industry there are many different products with different specifications, prices, sources, affordability, target consumers and availability. While some of these products will be over-supplied and limitless, other products will remain under-supplied and have limited future availabilities. Thus, the right context of the term "Over Supply/ Less Demand" should be applied specifically to a certain type of products; not to blanket an overall industry.

It is also worth mentioning that over-supplied products today might be undersupplied in the near future. Especially in a fast paced progressive city like Dubai, which has consistently proven its long-term ability to attract new residents and foreign investments as a result of its successful planning and execution.

Whether communicating with an individual investor, mega-investor or an end-user, at fam Properties we strongly believe that it is our core obligations under our business code of ethics to provide real insight about any project we promote to clients. When we label a project as an under-supplied type of property, this statement will be presented and supported with undeniable fundamentals and statistics that are clear to everyone, rather than promoting products on the basis of empty marketing words.
Source: Offplan-properties.ae
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