Dubai residents are warned not to fall prey to fake attested tenancy contracts online. The legal implication of purchasing such a document is not worth the risk, as it may include prison time, or worse, being deported and banned from the UAE.

In March 2010, it was announced that all rental contracts must be registered with the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA); however, those unable to rent their own place have resorted to illegal means in order to sponsor family members.

As Mr. Michael Barney Almazar, of Gulf Law states, “claiming you’re unaware that the tenancy contract is fake is not an excuse, especially if you’re not actually occupying the premises.” Whether you forged the document or purchased the document for use, both cases are punishable by law.

Laws have been put in place to regulate the eligibility of sponsoring family members in the UAE, to ensure that the sponsor is financially able to provide basic needs to his or her family.

For those who are not eligible to sponsor a spouse, it’s best that their spouse find employment, which would provide them with an employment visa. Should circumstances change, one can transfer to the visa sponsorship of the other spouse.

Now that the Ejari lease registration is linked to the immigration server, authorities are now able to verify who the real occupant or holder of the property is as per the tenancy agreement.

Source: The National
12:39 AM
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