Earlier this week at the Mobile World Congress, IKEA announced that it is introducing its first furniture line that offers wireless charging for phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Instead of struggling to find your phone charger or USB cord, you can now conveniently charge your phone without having to get off the couch. 

“Home Smart” line, will integrate the popular Qi wireless charging technology into special “charging pads” on the furniture. People will then be able to buy and assemble the furniture and leave their Qi-supported devices on those pads for a quick battery charge. More than 80 different smartphones offer support for Qi, which is currently the most used wireless charging standard in the world.

Ikea says it will launch its new furniture line, which will include desks, lamps and bedside tables, in North America and Europe in April 2015. It will also release regular Qi wireless chargers in wood finishes for anyone that doesn't want to buy or replace current furniture, as well as inserts that can be installed with minor drilling required in the furniture.

So what about those living outside of those continents who want to purchase one of these? Well, luckily for you, we found an easy DIY hack by Brit+Co that you can do yourself (or hire someone to do)!

What you'll need:

  • Wooden nightstand 
  • Velcro ® brand tape 
  • Wireless charging mat
  • Router 
  • E6000 glue
How to assemble:

Step #1

Turn your nightstand or table upside down. This is where you'll be attaching the charging mat. Trace the charging mat so you know what size indentation you need to carve out.

Step #2
Use your router to carve out the shape you just traced. If you've never used a router, get ready for a whole lot of sawdust to come out. Be careful not to go through the whole nightstand—you just want to create a little pocket for your charging mat.

Step #3

Now you need a way to keep that router in place. I used VELCRO® tape in my favorite color—red! Cut four pieces so that they attach in the middle and it's easy to take out the charging mat if need be. Use E6000 glue to attach the tape to the nightstand.

Step #4

Place a heavy book over the glued tape to make sure it attaches securely to the table. Let it dry overnight. Plug the charging mat into the wall and you've got a table that charges your smartphone wirelessly!

What do you think of IKEA's new wireless charging furniture? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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