Being a Real Estate Agent demands a lot of time. Agents are always on the go with a handful of things to do. The good thing about today is that advanced technology is available in the market. Mobile devices that are supported by iOS and Android have some cool features that should be taken advantage of. It offers a wide range of applications that can be used to maximize the use of time not to mention that they provides accurate and real time results. Here are a list of applications that are of great use for Real Estate Agents and business people, alike.


  1. WhatsApp (iOS -  Android)
Whatsapp is widely popular for both business and social purposes. It is quite easy  and light to use as well possessing great features. Unlike any other messaging app, this application does not require you to make an account of some sort. It only requires you to type your mobile number, which will later be verified by WhatsApp via a text message. Because it requires a phone number for verification, you are limited to use this application on devices that have a phone number.

Whatsapp is very useful for any business persons, since clients can easily be reached. You can send messages, audio clips, photos and video clips. It also has a feature wherein you can call your contacts for free. Sadly, this call feature does not apply on some countries including the UAE.

  1. Inbox by Gmail (iOS - Android)
One of the most essential communication tool in the business world is Gmail. It is the most professional way of communicating with clients. You can compose, edit, view and attach documents on your mobile, in only a few taps. This application is very convenient to use since it is accessed across multiple devices. You won’t miss any important mail since you will be sent push notifications that display the sender’s name and the subject. Also, your messages will be organized and there is less spam.


  1. Google Maps (iOS - Android)
For Real Estate people who are  always on the move, this application will help tremendously. It helps in finding addresses when going for viewings or meetings. The application features standard, hybrid and satellite maps, it also supports Voice-guided GPS navigation for driving, biking, and walking, transit directions, live traffic conditions, incident reports, and automatic rerouting to find the best route. You are also able to get detailed information on more than 100 million places, street views and indoor imagery of places all for the users. It gives them a better idea about how their desired destination would look like. All the features of this mobile application are amazing but some features might not be available in some countries.

  1. RTA Smart Parking  (iOS -  Android )
Finding a parking space and having to look for spare change to pay for it, is very time-consuming. Especially when you are running late for a meeting or a viewing. During peak hours, it can be difficult and very frustrating! So to uplift your spirit and keep your cool whenever you have to go somewhere by downloading a mobile application that makes it simpler.

RTA Smart Parking app is free for download and is very easy and convenient to use. Motorists can pay for their virtual parking permit through SMS or Credit Card. Tariff fees can also be paid through credit card payment. This means that the hassle of walking towards the Payment Display (P/D) is eliminated. This application also sends a notification prior to the expiry of the virtual permit so that users can extend the duration of the permit without having to walk to the vehicle and extend the permit manually. This application also sends free parking alerts during public holidays and unoccupied parking space alerts at RTA's multi-storey parking sites and The Dubai Mall.

  1. Sign Easy (iOS - Android)

Let's face it, being a real estate agent means there are a lot of papers and documents that need to be processed and signed. The hassle of having to sign a document can be frustrating at times. With Sign Easy you can electronically sign and attach signature to many document format. This mobile application is easy to use and this is very convenient during times that you need to sign a document ASAP and there isn’t enough time for you to print-sign-scan.  This application support almost any document format (PDF, Word, Excel, Text, HTML, JPEG/PNG/TIFF and more). You can create your signature and initials using your finger or stylus. You can also add text to your document such as name, company, address, and even choose from various ink colors, text styles and date formats.

This application comes with a 7 day free trial and requires a Pro subscription via in-app purchase. You will be able to receive imported files from other import capable applications. It only takes 3 easy steps to make this application work.


Import a document from Email, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Evernote or other apps supporting “Export” or "Send To" functionality.
  • SIGN

Sign using just your finger or a stylus, add initials, date, fill text and images in the document
  • SEND
Send the final document by email or save it to your preferred cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Evernote or other apps.
  1. DropBox (iOS - Android)

This mobile application works as a cloud where you can store important documents and files and have access to it across many platforms. This application can be downloaded for free and offers in-app purchases if you wish to have more storage in your cloud. You can organize important files and send it to your clients.

When you are closing a deal, there are a lot of documents that needs to be signed by involved parties. It is no longer practical to practice the old way of printing, signing, scanning and sending the documents back. Thankfully, mobile applications like DropBox are made available for the convenience of Real Estate Agents and many business people alike.  

  1. Canva.com (Web, iPad)

This application is a very cool photo-editing tool used to create unique photos for ads, events, blogging and e-books. Not to mention headers, documents, social media posts and marketing purposes. It is very fun to use and you can easily edit your photos by picking your choice from a list of options and unique layout designs.
For real estate agents in particular, this application is helpful in creating personalized layouts for presentations to impress clients. Advertising properties will also be easy since this app has way too many options to choose from to create catchy and one of a kind images.


  1. Snapseed (iOS | Android )

Having crisp photos for your property advertisements is imperative. You need to capture the best angle with the right exposures to produce good quality images for clients to be interested on the property that you are selling. As a Real Estate Agent who is always on the go, its time for you to embrace the advancement of today's technology and learn to use some cool features of your mobile phone.

Snapseed is a very powerful image editor that you can use to enhance photos for advertisements. It has a lot of cool features that you can use such as filters and tools that will make your photo look like it was taken by a professional camera. This application is free for download for iOS and Android devices.

Property Search and Advertisements

  1. Dubizzle ( iOS | Android)

This mobile application serves as a souq that you can take with you anywhere. You can check properties for rent and sale, with its property finder feature. Not only that, many items for sale and for rent can be found in this mobile application. With just a few taps of your fingertips,you can access the list of fresh items and properties in the market. It is also designed to be smooth and easy to use.

You can create your account and start posting advertisements and surely many potential buyers and tenants will be attracted to your listings. You may use the mobile applications mentioned above to create beautiful images and presentations for a plus point toward your clients.

  1. Dubai Brokers (Android, iOS )
    This application is developed by the Dubai Land Department with the aim of providing buyers and sellers a reliable source where they can check if the real estate agent is licensed. This will also help provide great transparency and prevents potential fraud. The app contains information about RERA Certified Real Estate Agents around Dubai. Together with the name of the company that the agent is working for, this application has the agent's license number, contact details and the number of transactions that they had. This helps develop trust between the agent and the client(s) to achieve successful business transactions.
  2. Makani (Android, iOS)

Makani is a first of its kind Official Addressing System Application in Dubai that provides specific geographic location using numbers. The ten-digit "Makani Numbers" can locate a building's entrance without requiring its name or any direction. The application seeks to provide convenience locating the desired destinations accurately by using mobiles, tablets, desktops and GPS navigational devices. The number-based Geographic Location System will benefit the multi-nationality tourists and residents in Dubai, setting aside the language barrier.

These are the top mobile applications that we could find to satisfy the demands of a Real Estate Agent. Have we missed anything? Feel free to write a comment below and mention other cool applications that we can try.
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