Although Dubai attracts investors from across the globe, there is a particularly steady growth among South Asian property investors. According to Bayut.com, Indians accounted for 66.86% of total property search traffic in May 2015 alone.

What draws the Indian market to Dubai? Here are the top ten reasons:

1. Easy to enter the market

The process of purchasing property in Dubai is rather straight forward and requires minimal paper work. Once you’ve selected the property and pay the owner, it’s yours! Those buying property worth AED 500,000 or more automatically qualify for a residence visa.

2. Relatively Affordable Living

Properties in major Indian cities such as Delhi and Mumbai are not only home to the wealthiest, amidst its glitz and glam, but it’s also becoming increasingly unaffordable for the middle to upper class. For comparison, a $1 million property investment in Mumbai will only get you 96 square metres of land, whereas in Dubai, it would get you 145 square metres.

3. Lucrative Yields

Dubai offers one of the world’s highest rental returns. Rental yield currently stands above 7% of other global cities.

4. Monetary Gains

Dubai is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, attracting millions of visitors and tourists yearly. Not to mention the expat community who seek a better lifestyle in the emirates, which contributes to the rising demand for property.

5. Tax-Free Living

Unlike India, Dubai doesn’t have an income-based taxation policy; in fact there are zero taxes!

6. Security

Dubai is fostering an ever growing business environment which provides security in the region, which is inevitably one of the key selling points that pulls international investors to the region. That along with its business-friendly laws makes it ideal for new comers to enter the market.

7. Strong Tourism Sector

Dubai attracts millions of tourists from around the globe every month, who enjoy the luxurious malls, beaches and various entertainment facilities, which explains why international investors continue to pour money into the entertainment and hospitality industries in the region, to which Indians have followed suit.

8. Expo 2020

The Expo 2020 is set to draw in over 30 million people to the emirates in the span of its six month duration, which has opened up multiple business opportunities around the city in anticipation of the event. Whether it be architects, masons or marketers, Indians want in on the action!

9. Close proximity to India

Dubai is in close proximity to India geographically, as it’s only a three hour flight from Dubai to New Delhi, making it convenient for investors to be close to their families and home.

10. Easy Assimilation

Dubai has a high concentration of Indians living in the region. In fact, Indians make up a majority of the city’s population, which provides an easy transition for the newcomers to feel at home. From traditional Indian food to clothing, it is all available for South Asian expats!

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