There are more 'reasonable' ways to survive the UAE's vicious rental market (By Michael Lahyani)

In a perfect world, landlords and tenants will work together, doing their bit to keep each other happy. However, in reality, la...

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International Tenants Fueling Dubai's Office Markets

International occupiers of office and industrial space have demonstrated renewed confidence in Dubai, where an increase of new entrants int...

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Dubai Land Department Announces the Issuance of Unified Real Estate Contracts

In line with its stated aim to create a transparent and professional real estate market with clear and measurable standards, Dubai Land Dep...

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Skyscrapers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are trailing far behind the leading cities in a list of the world's priciest high-rise real estate....

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The global property investment market delivered  $1.2 trillion of transactions in  2013, a 22.6 percent increase from 2012 and the highest...

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According to a recent official report, transactions by UAE investors in Dubai real estate in 2013 surpassed the combined transactions made ...

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Articles 25 (2) and 26 of Dubai Law No 26 of 2007 which regulate the relationship between landlords and tenants in the emirate of Dubai st...

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What can $1 million buy in the property market in Dubai and elsewhere?

Dubai’s prime luxury property market continues to remain affordable in comparison to key global cities despite prices rising by 17 per cen...

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Business Bay can be considered as one of the areas in Dubai that was hit hard by the global financial crisis. It was born in 2003 and was ...

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