According to a recent official report, transactions by UAE investors in Dubai real estate in 2013 surpassed the combined transactions made by seven major foreign investing countries including Pakistan, China, Iran, US, Canada, France and Germany.

A total of 5,424 UAE investors accounted for a total investment of Dh24,727 billion, while the total transactions from seven overseas counties amounted to Dh23,157bn, split among the following countries: Pakistan (Dh8,635bn), China (Dh1,345bn), Iran (Dh5,529bn), USA (Dh2,194bn), Canada (Dh2,934bn), France (Dh1,397bn) and Germany (Dh1,123bn).

Article source: http://bit.ly/1gscaqz
Pic courtesy of: www.mid-east.info
12:24 AM
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