Beware of Unregistered Property Agents in Dubai

Hundreds of people have been swindled in Dubai property scam. Residents are facing eviction after falling victim to a huge property scam in the emirate. Leaseholders in Emaar’s The Greens have nowhere to turn after Dubai-based Shamyana Entertainment Services cashed rental cheques but failed to pass the full amount onto the landlord. To make matters worse, Shamyana Entertainment Services’ owner has fled Dubai.

It is understood that Hamptons, owned by Emaar, originally leased the apartments to Shamyana, though last night the company said it was investigating the matter.

“As with others involved in providing property services, Hamptons MENA acted in good faith in leasing out a few apartments to Shamyana Entertainment Services. These apartments were to be used only for the company’s staff accommodation purposes, as per the rental agreement.
“Following reports of inconsistency, we requested the residents in these apartments to present their tenancy contracts, when it was learnt that several of them were illegally sub-let by Shamyana to others.
“We are currently investigating the matter and will work with the concerned authorities to address the same.”

Buyer beware! Make sure that you visit the RERA website to check that the broker you are dealing with is registered and the agent who completes the paperwork has RERA identity card. If either of this vital details are not presented, we recommend that you walk away.
3:46 AM
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