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After four years in my apartment, I now find myself in a situation where my landlord is trying to evict me when the existing contract expires. No eviction notice has been issued up until now, but they are refusing to renew the existing contract saying that the contract states it is ‘non-renewable’ and they would now like to sell the property. I have informed them of the law regarding eviction, that they must formally give 12 months’ notice, but even in light of this they have said they will not renew the contract. Can you direct me to a suitable Lawyer who can advise me on how to proceed if we reach an unfortunate stage where the case goes to court? I really hope this will not be necessary as I am following the law, but I feel I should be prepared. NS, Dubai

Your landlord cannot go against the law. You are obviously aware of your rights and if the landlord wants to sell the property, he has to give you either a notarised 12 months’ notice or a registered mail 12 months’ notice. The law is on your side, if he fails to renew your contract and you obviously wish to extend the contract, the law states that the contract automatically renews anyway at the original terms and conditions.

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